EFARO reports

- 2019 EFARO's brochure on Research Gaps

- 2019 Seminar Ensuring the sustainable use of our Seas.

- 2018 Seminar The reformed CFP.

- 2017 publication Marine policy Vol 84, page 152-155. Is there a need for a new governance model for regionalised Fisheries Management? Implications for science and advice. By Luc van Hoof and Gerd Kraus.

- 2017 CFP MSFD pilot proposal to the Marine Directors Meeting Malta

- 2017 Seminar Smart data collection for the future monitoring of the sea

- 2017 Vision future EU Aquaculture

- 2016 Seminar CFP and MSFD

- 2016 Research priorities H2020 work program 2018-2020

- 2016 Research priorities 2017

- 2016 public consultation work program H2020 2018-2020

- 2016 public consultation control regulation

- 2015 public consultation ocean governance

- 2015 public consultation food security

- 2015 public consultation agricultural research and innovation

- 2014 Stakeholder consultation H2020 Societal Challenges

- 2014 EFARO's view on H2020-priorities 2016+

- 2014 EFARO's input about future developments cooperation between EU and Asia

- 2014 Aquaculture sugested priorities for Work Program H2020 2016-2017

- 2013 EFARO's strategic science priorities

- 2013 Efaro Aquaculture vision paper

- 2012 EFARO's strategic science priorities

- 2011 Climate change and fisheries

- 2010 Ecosystem Approach to Management

- 2009 EFARO's view on future Fisheries and Aquaculture research

- 2008 position paper Strategic Science Plan for seventh framework Program

- 2006 trends in European Fisheries and Aquaculture research

EFARO seminar presentations

2017 Smart data collection for the future monitoring of the sea

- 1 B. Karp Advanced technologies for smart datacollection.

- 2 S. Raicevich Fisingvessels as scientific platforms

- 3 J. Fernandes Big data processing

- 4 M. Pastoors Big data and governance

EFARO GA reports

- 2017 GA outputs and actionplan

- 2015 GA report

- 2014 GA report

Related reports

- 2017 European Commission publication of its evaluation of the fisheries control regulation

- 2016 the global opportunity report

- 2014 COFASP foresight summary

- 2014 COFASP foresight

- 2013 SCAR fisheries and aquaculture report

- 2013 AQUAMED Impact analysis

- 2011 Mapping of Eu public marine and maritime RTD spending

- 2011 JPI Oceans Vision document

- 2011 EATiP vision paper aquaculture

EFARO on innovations in Marine Data collection and consequences for advice and management. See a short video here.

EFARO on challenges facing the blue bioeconomy. EFARO's President and Executive secretary spoke to The Innovation Platform about some of the challenges facing the blue bioeconomy. Interested in this interview? See here.

EFARO Seminar 2020 cancelled. Due to the rapid developments surrounding the CORONA Pandemic, the decision has been made to cancel the EFARO Seminar 2020 on 27th May, Brussels.

For further information, please contact

Curious about EFARO's recommendations on research & innovation gaps and needs beyond Horizon 2020?

See here.

EFARO Seminar: Ensuring the sustainable use of our Seas. Linking the Ecosystem Approach with the quest for a Sustainable Blue Economy.

15 May 2019

Brussels, Belgium

Missed the EFARO Seminar on the 15th of May?

Click here for an impression of the day and the main conclusions.