EFARO secretariat

legal and mailing address:

PO Box 68

1970 AB IJmuiden


+31 (0)317 487 218



EFARO’s mission is to enable its vision through the provision of:

  • sound science and scientific advice for the people of Europe;
  • evidence-based advice on the sustainable management of aquatic living resources;
  • coordination of a trusted and influential community of aquatic research institutes, be it marine or fresh water;
  • knowledge on fisheries, aquaculture and innovations in sustainable harvesting or production in the aquatic environment.


To achieve its mission EFARO will maintain an active, efficient and effective platform for:

  • coordinating and communicating between the community of aquatic research institutes at the European and the Regional level acknowledging regional specifics and activities and stimulating (regional) cooperation;
  • maintaining  influential dialogues with policy makers, industry and societies;
  • contributing to the development and implementation of the European research agenda for the sustainable use and management of aquatic living resources;
  • supporting sound science and providing scientific advice to governments;
  • sustaining a scientific network through traditional and new business opportunities.

Coming up: EFARO Seminar 27th of May 2020 in Brussels: Innovations in Marine Data collection; consequences for advice and management. 

For further information, please contact efaro@wur.nl.

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EFARO Seminar: Ensuring the sustainable use of our Seas. Linking the Ecosystem Approach with the quest for a Sustainable Blue Economy.

15 May 2019

Brussels, Belgium

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