WG AQUA is a permanent Working Group of EFARO that focuses on Aquaculture Issues. EFARO is member of EATiP and WG AQUA represents EFARO at EATiP.

In 2020, the WG AQUA is working on the living document 'Aquaculture 2020 and beyond' focusing on regional and national recommendations for Aquaculture research per European country. Together an analysis will be done to determine which similarities and differences can be identified between countries on Aquaculture research recommendations.

A first version of the living document 'Aquaculture 2020 and beyond' will be published on this page soon.

The current WG AQUA consists of the following members:

Anders Kiesling (WG Chair, SLU)

Arjan Palstra (WUR)

Emmanuelle Roque (IFREMER)

Hilde Toften (NOFIMA)

Jouni Vielma (LUKE)

Karin Kroon Boxaspen (MI)

Leire Arantzamendi (AZTI)

Pedro Pousão (IPMA)

Ruta Medne (BIOR)

Stefan Reiser (TI)

Ulfert Focken (TI)

Geert Wiegertjes (WUR)

Giovanna Marino (ISPRA)

Montserrat Pérez Rodriguez (IEO)

For further information, please contact efaro@wur.nl.

EFARO & MARE webinar on Social data.

Currently there is a wide ranging discussion on the inclusion of social data in fisheries and aquaculture management, both affecting data collection programmes and the analysis of policy impact.

Date: Upcoming in 2023

Online, open event.

EFARO webinar Blue Bio Foresight and Strategic Knowledge and Innovation Agenda

Date: June 30th, 2023.

Online, EFARO Members only.

Blue bioeconomy strategic research and innovation agenda.

The Blue Bioeconomy ERA-NET Cofund launched a blue bioeconomy research agenda as a result of a foresight implemented in 2022. The foresight was part of Blue Bioeconomy ERA-NET Cofund’s mission of strengthening Europe’s position in the blue bioeconomy, working with facilitators from EFARO.

EFARO on the carrying capacity of the seas and oceans for future sustainable food production.

A publication on current scientific knowledge gaps.

EFARO's discussion paper on Monitoring Offshore Wind Farms.

A research gap and policy brief.

Marine Nature-based Solutions

In 2022 EFARO published a scientific paper on Marine Nature-Based Solutions in order to facilitate a critical debate about the prospects
and pitfalls related to the operationalisation of marine NbS in an EU context, providing an analysis of core definitions, potential categories of marine NbS and a suite of case studies. Here
you will find an extended summary of this paper.

EFARO on innovations in Marine Data collection and consequences for advice and management. See a short video here.

EFARO on challenges facing the blue bioeconomy. EFARO's President and Executive secretary spoke to The Innovation Platform about some of the challenges facing the blue bioeconomy. Interested in this interview? See here.

EFARO Seminar 2020 cancelled. Due to the rapid developments surrounding the CORONA Pandemic, the decision has been made to cancel the EFARO Seminar 2020 on 27th May, Brussels.

For further information, please contact efaro@wur.nl.

Curious about EFARO's recommendations on research & innovation gaps and needs beyond Horizon 2020?

See here.

EFARO Seminar: Ensuring the sustainable use of our Seas. Linking the Ecosystem Approach with the quest for a Sustainable Blue Economy.

15 May 2019

Brussels, Belgium

Missed the EFARO Seminar on the 15th of May?

Click here for an impression of the day and the main conclusions.